Experience of tea Ceremony

Enjoy the tea ceremony and relax in the style of the table *Ryurei-shiki.

Ryurei-shiki,it was devised by the tea master of the Urasenke (traditional tea school in Kyoto)

It’s a comfortably tea ceremony using chairs.



We will also talk about matcha and Japanese tea.



First of all, choose your favorite tea bowl and some tools.




The tea instructor will prepare the tea ceremony for you in the tea bowl of your choice.

Try making your own traditional Japanese sweets.





Enjoy delicious sweets and matcha green tea while listening to the sounds of boiling water and making tea with a bamboo whisk.



After the tea ceremony, you will have the experience of making matcha yourself.



Enjoy a moment of quiet and relaxation.


Time required approx                   1 h 30

Price: 6,000 yen / person  *including tax

9,000yen *with Kimono experience


Reservations are available from  ① 11:00~

                ② 14:00~


Not available on Sunday and Tuesday. Thank you for understanding.


* Please send a reservation form by 2 days before the desired day of your booking.

* Your reservation is confirmed after fixing the date/time and your payment. (credit cards only)

*Please apply after understanding the cancellation policy on the application form.