Un personnel guide très familier vous accueille.
Tout les personnel proposent de nombreuses spécialités (guide interprète français / anglais, patissier français, divers acquéreurs de culture japonaise,etc)


Né dans la préfecture d’Ehime. J’ai vécu à Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto.
J’ai appris le français en Nouvelle-Calédonie. J’ apprécie la correspondance joyeuse et énergique à Sampa! Mon hobby est de voyager et de plonger!


Bonjour,je m’appelle yuko.
Je suis le guide pour francophone.
Je vous attends,merci. Au revoir


I’m studying English while doing sightseeing volunteers in Uji city, my hometown.
I would like to be able to introduce Japanese culture to many foreigners and contribute to international exchange by carefully meeting people.
Thank you


Hello. I’m Yukiko. I live in the western part of Kyoto where sake and Fushimi-Inari’s 1000 Torii gates are famous.
I love cooking as well as ingredients and cooking utensils. I think I am a cooking geek!
I ‘ d like to introduce something that we normally eat, not Rolled sushi or Tempura in a typical Japanese cooking class. ( this is my hope.) I also like cooking with salt with ricemalt , sake less, soy-milk skin and soy-milk.
Many people are so health conscious that these seasoning and materials are very popular these days ,especially for women in Japan.
And if you like , I’ll guide local supermarket then we’ll go shopping there and make what you are interested in. In that case, please give me advance notice that I ‘d be great if you could tell me about what Japanese foods you like or interested in.
(I am not an iron chef! )
I’m looking forward to seeing in Kyoto.


Surnom : momo
Interprète-traductrice ( français )
Spécialité : vin, mode, aromathérapie, tourisme.
Passe-temps : arrangement floral, couture, cérémonie du thé.

Bonjour,je m’appelle Hiromi.

Je suis directrice générale des services de voyage d’Éclat Japon.

Je suis né et habite à Kyoto. Je vie avec mon mari et mes deux enfants.

J’ai travaillé dans une agence de voyage et l’entreprise expérience de la culture japonaise.

Je vous souhaite sincèrement un bon voyage au japon.



*Private tour guiding services include sightseeing, shopping, meeting and sending-off at airports and stations, etc.
*Our highly experienced licensed guides provide services tailored to your goals and needs at reasonable rates.

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Guiding and Interpretation Services:

Number of Days of Advance Notice Cancellation Charge
No advance notice or notice on the day 100% of the fee
1-2 days in advance 50% of the fee
3-7 days in advance 30% of the fee

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