Sake Tasting in Fushimi

Sake tasting tour in Fushimi

Fushimi is well known for sake brewing.

The area has premium spring water “Fushimizu” which has been flowing since ancient times. Sake brewed in this area using this mellow water is smooth and called “Onna zake” (female sake).

Fushimi has many breweries and restaurants where you can enjoy the local sake.

Would you like to walk around the 『Sake town Fushimi』after talking about and tasting “Japanese sake” at Eclat Japon?



Let’s enjoy tasting different labels of sake while eating side dishes at nostalgic Kyomachiya (traditional town house)♪



Let’s go to brewery tours in Fushimi ♪(visiting places will vary depending on the weather and the season.)



We will also guide you to the local restaurants and stores where you can enjoy the local food such as ramen and sweets made with sake.





2 and a half hours


7,000 yen per person(tax included)

6,500 yen(tax included)per person for groups of 2 or more people


【What is included】

Sake tasting and side dishes, guide, ground transportation during the tour, arrangement fee

※Your own shopping cost is not included.

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